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Songdogs - Colum McCann 3.5 Stars

Songdogs is Colum McCann's first novel, It is a multilayered story and written with McCann's usual sharp writing style and eloquence of prose.

The story is set around Conor Lyons who just returns from abroad to Mayo in Ireland after a five year trip to visit his aging father. He spends the week going over his fathers past life as a photographer when he spent time wandering through war torn Spain and then through Mexico where he meets and marries his wife(Conor's mother). After a period of time the couple return to settle in Ireland.

I love McCann's character development and the sense of time and place in his stories, Each novel is an experience and you are transported by his imagery and story telling. I think this would make an excellent book club read as the characters are real and complex and you just want to dissect this novel on completion and I can imagine a wonderful book club discussion around this one.
This is a tale of rememberance and while the story flows I did however find that his flowery and sensual prose (while beautiful) did on a couple of occasions interrupt the flow of the story for me.

I listened to this one on audible and while the narrator was good for the most part I cringed when he read the characters of the father (Michael) and other minor characters as felt they were almost cartoonish and would have preferred to have read a hard copy of this one. An enjoyable and satisfying read but not one for my favorites list.

This is my 5th novel by Colum McCann and [b:Dancer|110896|Dancer|Colum McCann|https://d2arxad8u2l0g7.cloudfront.net/books/1312004781s/110896.jpg|2247523][bc:Dancer|110896|Dancer|Colum McCann|https://d2arxad8u2l0g7.cloudfront.net/books/1312004781s/110896.jpg|2247523] is still my favorite to date.