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Bastard Out of Carolina

Bastard Out of Carolina - Dorothy Allison 2.5 Stars

Bastard out of Carolina is a tough and harrowing read. Written by Dororthy Allison and set in Allison's home town of Greenville, South Carolina in the 1950s. The story centres around "Bone" Boatwright a girl born fatherless to 15 years old Anney Boatwright and sexually and physically abused by her step-father Glen but part of a large extended family who know poverty and life is as hard as it gets a life where family matters but drinking and fighting is part of their existence.

I personally found this a long drawn out harrowing story of abuse and relentless violence and while the story needed to be told I found the telling was just way too drawn out and repetitive. There was so many pointless sections in the Novel that I found myself zoning out on a couple of occasions. While the story is important and a shocking and excellent insight into a child's life of abuse I couldn't find the emotion within the story and although I was shocked and I just didn't connect with this book like many readers have done and for me this could have been an excellent short story but just didn't make fulfill me as a novel and this might have been the fact that the book is quite graphic and a lots of detail. I also found the relentless cast of characters quite frustrating.

I know that is a book loved by many but just and ok read for me. I listened to this one on Audible and the narration was was adequate but I think I may have got more out of reading a hard copy of this book.

Perhaps readers who liked [b:The Glass Castle|7445|The Glass Castle|Jeannette Walls|https://d2arxad8u2l0g7.cloudfront.net/books/1400930557s/7445.jpg|2944133] or [b:Angela's Ashes|252577|Angela's Ashes (Frank McCourt, #1)|Frank McCourt|https://d2arxad8u2l0g7.cloudfront.net/books/1348317139s/252577.jpg|2883783] might be interested in this novel.