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Rasputin: The Untold Story

Rasputin: The Untold Story - Joseph T. Fuhrmann I have had a long fascination and interest in Russian history and have come across Grigori Rasputin in a number of Non Fiction and Fiction books over the years and had always wanted to read a biography about this historical figure who became an influential figure in St. Petersburg especially after August 1915 when Tsar Nicholas took command of the army fighting in World War 1.

The author Joseph T. Fuhramann gives us an extraordinary account Using material from Soviet archives, particularly the correspondence of Tsar Nicholas II and his wife, Alexandra.

"Legend portrays Rasputin as the "Mad Monk" who rampaged through St. in an alcoholic haze, making love to scores of women. A symbol of excess and religious extremism, he was believed to hold a mysterious power, emanating from his hypnotic eyes, over Tsar Nicolas II and his family. The fact that he was neither mad nor a monk has not stopped scores of writers from repeating these and other bogus claims"

I was familiar with the story of Rasputin and the Ramanov family and how he was murdered but this account answered a lot of questions that I had about Rasputin's earlier life and his path to St. Petersburg. I found it extremely well researched, informative and well written.

The book gives an excellent insight into Rasputin's Siberian background and early years, his introduction to the Romanov Family and his ability to treat prince Alexia's condition of haemophilia which had doctors baffled. It also delves into Rasputin's unorthodox religious teachings, sexual practices and his relations with the Empress, including the rumours that they were lovers.
I was really interested to learn how he had so much power with decisions concerning political matters and the church.

I recommend this book to readers who enjoy Non fiction and have an interest in Russian History.