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The Days of Abandonment

The Days of Abandonment - Elena Ferrante, Ann Goldstein The Days of abandonment opens with Mario walking out on Olga his wife Olga, and their 15 year marriage and their two children.
The narrator of the story is Olga and the story is her account of the abandonment.

I listened to this on audio and the narrator was Hillary Huber and she was excellent.
This is a short read set in the family apartment and we experience the meltdown of the narrator after her husband's abandonment.

The writing is shockingly honest and unnervingly blunt and I can see why readers of Ferrante love her books.

I didn't identify with the characters of Mario and Olga or their lives and while I enjoyed the first half of the novel I became tired of the ranting and raving by the second half.
Having said that being married for over 20 years I haven't thankfully experienced what Olga experienced and I will be the first to admit here that I have no idea how rational I would be if I was dealt these cards so therefore I don't want to be judgemental on a topic that I know women out there are experiencing as I write this. I actually don't even want to think too deeply about how I would react as I consider myself a calm and rational person but faced with an experience like The Days of Abandonment after many years of marriage how would I react?

I like a sense of time and place in a novel and I enjoy character development and background and I just didn't get it from The Days of Abandonment and this is why this ended up being a two star read for me.

This is my second book by Elena Ferrante and this is where we will part company and while I appreciate writing, her books just don't float my boat.

I actually think this would make a very interesting book club discussion read and I would love to have read this as part of a group as I feel I would have got so much more from it.