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Where My Heart Used to Beat

Where My Heart Used to Beat - Sebastian Faulks 2.5 Stars

I had such high hopes for this novel by Sebastian Faulks having loved a previous novel called : [b:Birdsong|6259|Birdsong|Sebastian Faulks|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1349952101s/6259.jpg|1093016] [bc:Birdsong|6259|Birdsong|Sebastian Faulks|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1349952101s/6259.jpg|1093016] but while I didn't dislike Where My Heart Used To Beat it certainly didn't set my heart beating any faster either.

Set in 1980, London Psychiatrist Robert Hendricks receives a mysterious letter from an eldery fellow doctor Axelander Pereira who lives on a tiny Iland in South of France and who believes that he knew Hendricks father before his death during the First World War. He Invites Hendricks to visit his home .

I think the problem for me with the Novel wasnt that I found the main character dislikable as I dont have a problem with dislikable characters in novels but that he just wasnt interesting and I needed him to be interesting to sustain my interest. I also had issues with the novel's female character's and their relationships and encounters with Hendricks which were quite bizarre and not very credible. I dont want to go into too much detail as may spoil the novel for others.

I did enjoy some of the wirting and expecially the scenes from the War which were very well written and engaging. I do love how Fauks can dipict such an acurate sense of time and place and this works wonderfully in the novel.

This was one of those books that just blew hot and cold for me. There were chapters where the author had my full attention and other chapters that fell flat and I found myself becoming bored.