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The Sisters: The Saga of the Mitford Family

The Sisters: The Saga of the Mitford Family - Mary S. Lovell The Sisters The saga of the Mitford Family

What an eccentric and yet fascinating family the Mitford's were.

I had a copy of this book in paperback on my bookshelf for quite a time and decided to also purchase it as an audio so as I could listen as well as read. BIG MISTAKE as the audio version is dreadful. I quickly switched back to my old reliable paperback and so glad I read this Biography as what a wonderful and absorbing read it was.

I thought I knew a little of the history of the Mitford sisters but this book certainly proved me wrong. The Sisters: The Saga of the Mitford Family" tells the amazing story of the Mitford sisters, six beautiful and talented aristocratic young women who came of age before the Second World War and made quite a name for themselves( not always a good one) around the World. They had one brother Tom.

The sisters were NANCY who wrote a series of bestselling novels, (The pursuit of Love and Love In A Cold Climite)

PAMELA was the quiet one of the of the sisters, she married and divorced a scientist, and was content to live quietly in the country.

DIANA married the heir to the Guinness brewing fortune when she was 18. She leads a very colourful life which includes meetings with Hitler and being improsinioned for a few years during the war.

UNITY was a very controversial character, became obsessed with Nazism while in her teens. She managed to meet Hitler on over 100 occasions and become obsessed with him and proudly wore her Hitler-signed swastika badge everywhere.

Jessica (known as Decca) eloped at age 18, was a committed communist and lived in America.

DEBORAH (Debo) Debo married Andrew Cavendish, second son of the Duke of Devonshire. They inherited Cavendish, a large country estate.

An extremely well written and well researched Biograpy that had me googling people, situations and places. The book includes a family tree and numerous photograph. It's quite a read but packed full of information. I dont read a lot of Biographys but this one really did engage me and I thououghly enjoyed the read.