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The Enchanted

The Enchanted - Rene Denfeld The Enchanted by Rene Denfeld. 2.5 Stars

Let me start my review by saying I wanted very badly to love this book like all my friends on Goodreads that have read it and have been seduced by it. To them I say.............I am Jealous of you all.
I pre ordered my copy in Hardback as this was going to be one of those books that would not be borrowed under any circumstances and would remain on my book shelf for many years to come.

But unfortunately I wasn't enchanted or impressed by it and was left feeling rather disappointed by much of the book and I will try and explain my reasons for my disappointment.

First the book is set in an ancient stone prison somewhere in America and to begin with I was drawn into the story until the author introduced the magic realism aspect of the tale and I was completely thrown and just disconnected with the book completely. I don't get magic realism and I think being Irish may have been told too many stories of fairly forts and enchanted forests as child.

I wanted to get to know the characters in this novel more and every time I thought I was getting the background information on one character (most of which remained nameless) I was thrown in a different direction. I found the fact that some of the characters remained nameless more distracting and confusing than an element of intrigue. I never seemed to get a sense of time or place from the novel and couldn't identity with the story as a result. I just finished the book feeling dissatisfied.

Now I have to agree the prose is impressive and this author knows how to draw in her audience. As I said at the beginning I am envious of my friends who enjoyed this story and for anyone reading this review be assured my dislike of this story is based on the fact that I don't enjoy stories when magic realism is an element.

And so this beautiful book will not sit on my book shelf :-( but rest assured all you lovers of The Enchanted I will endeavor to find a suitable home for it among my friends.