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Long Man

Long Man - Amy Greene 2.5 Stars

I choose to read Longman by Amy Greene in audio format as I had a few long car journeys over the past couple of weeks and thought this would keep me entertained during the Journey.

To be honest I was disappointed with the pacing of the novel and while the narrator was good I found the book very depressing in tone and was sorry that I had chosen the audio format for the book as it just did not do the story Justice.

I had previously read and loved[b:One Foot in Eden|545981|One Foot in Eden|Ron Rash|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1399922881s/545981.jpg|533253] [bc:One Foot in Eden|545981|One Foot in Eden|Ron Rash|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1399922881s/545981.jpg|533253] which is pretty silimar in that it is set in the Apaliatian mountains and tells the story of how a farming community are forced of their lands in order to build a Dam. I love books set in the Appalacian mountains and wish I had chosen Long Man in paperback as I think I would have got much more from it.

This is a relatively short novel at 288 pages but 10 hours of audio seemed an eternity when listening to it. I found myself tuning in and out as I seemed to get bored of the story. I thought the book was wonderfully descriptive in places and overly descriptive in other places and sometimes I think you just got to call a spade a spade. I also had a problem with the novel going back to each of the characters's past and giving their back stories which just when I thought the story was progressing the author would go back in time with each character and while I know this was important in the conclusion of the novel it did grate on my nerves.

I do think my problem with the novel lies with me not enjoying the audio format and I think I will purchase this in paperback one day and give it another shot as the writing is beautiful and I feel this book has so much more to give.