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S. - Doug Dorst, J.J. Abrams
2.5 Stars

S. By J.J. Abrams is a beautiful hardback carefully distressed to look like an old Library book with its old book smell and stuffed full of notes, postcards, papers and bits and pieces.
When I received this book in the post I was pleasantly suprised with the faboulus concept and design. I loved the idea and could not wait to start this novel. I loved the margin notes to begin with and was fascinated to see how this story would play out.
I have to admit for all its gimmicks I soon found myself wondering is this book was just a pretty and fancy concept as I found the story quite disjointed and difficult to follow. It is a very slow read as there are two stories here. We have Jen and Erics story written in the margins of the book and the story of The Ship of Theseus in the main part of the book. I found it quite tedious to read the story within the book, then read the story within the margins and all the extra bits and pieces inserted throughout the book. To begin with this was intriguing and exciting but after about 80 pages I got bored of the book and its gimmicks and really found myself hating picking up this book to read as it was just too time consuming.

The concept, and design of this book is an excellent idea but for me there was not a strong enough plot to jusiify more that a 2.5 star rating.

If I was rating the book on its presentation and design, I would certainly give it five stars. But plot and writing is everyting to me and the phrase " All Flash and no substance" came to mind many times throughout this book.

Having read [b:Night Film|10112885|Night Film|Marisha Pessl|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1363819140s/10112885.jpg|15182838] not too long ago, I think readers who enjoyed that book may find themselves drawn to this novel.