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Dubliners - Jeri Johnson, James Joyce A collection of 15 short stroies by James Joyce all set in Dublin and first published in 1914.
They form a naturalistic depiction of Irish Middle class sife in around Dublin in in the early years of the 20th Century.

This is my second reading of this collection and this time I listened to the audio book which was narrated by Jim Norton and his Dublin accent was excellent and he really does bring the book alive with his rich voice.

The stroies were all written when Nationalism was at its peak in Ireland and this come accross in quite a few of the stroies althought it was only on reading the stories the second time around that I had a better understanding of the deeper meanings of some of them and this was only because I was concentrating more on the stroies because this was a book club read and I need to get the most out of the book in order to discuss.

My favourite story of the collection was Eveline A young woman weights her decision to flee Ireland with a sailor. I really enjoyed this story and while only four pages long there was so much going on that I really look forward to discussing this one in a group. I also enjoyed A painful Case a stroy where Mr Duffy rebuffs Mrs Sinico, then four years later realises that he has condemned her to loneiness and death.

While I am not a lover of short stories at the best of times I was eager to try Joyce's short story collection as a bookclub read as it is short and quite readable in comparrasion to [b:Ulysses|338798|Ulysses|James Joyce|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1428891345s/338798.jpg|2368224] (which is not on my to read list). While written in 1905 quite a few of the stories are very relatable to in today's society which I found quite interesting.

While I didnt love the book I did like it and found it very readable and am looking forward to the discussiing all the stories at next meeting.