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Perla - Carolina De Robertis Perla by Carolina De Robertis is an ambitious and emotional novel.

The protagonist Perla grew in in Argentina in a privileged family and she has to come to terms with her father’s ugly past as she learns about his part in war crimes that have terrorised the country. Perla understands that her parents were on the wrong side of the conflict but her love for her father is unconditional.

No doubt the concept for this book is excellent and Carolina De Robertis has a unique way of telling a story that many will love but for me just did not draw me in.

The writing is beautiful but a little too flowery at times and I felt overwhelmed with adjectives when all I wanted was historical facts and more information about this period of history. I wanted the backround story to develop and was disappointed when it didn’t.
I also had a hard time accepting the guest’s part in story and just felt this took away from the reality of what was an excellent plot.

Overall I think this is very emotional and well written book and I would rate it 3.5. I think this book would make an excellent group discussion book.