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Cutting for Stone

Cutting for Stone - Abraham Verghese I don’t think I am singing from the same hymn sheet as most people on good reads when it come to my rating of Cutting for stone and while I did enjoy the book it was not one of my favourites.

I am not going to summarize the Novel as the blurb on the book sums it up pretty well.
The first 150 pages of this novel I found very slow and way too medically descriptive for my liking perhaps if I had more knowledge or liked programmes like ER or Grays Anatomy I would have liked this more. It took 100 pages before the twins are actually born in the book and I thought this was a bit slow moving. One big problem I had from the beginning of the story was that I was unable to put faces to the characters and this was a big minus for me as I need to have images in my head of the characters in order to really enjoy a book and this was the first book that I have experienced this with as all of the characters remained faceless.

However on the plus side from 300 pages onwards the book really picked up and Chapter 36 Prognostic Signs was one of my favourite chapters. I loved the characters of Ghosh and Hema and for me they made this book as their value on family and life was so touching.

I also found the ending of the book a little too good to be true, as all the loose ends tied up nicely. I read this book along with a couple of other goodread members and really enjoyed this as loved to read their views while I was reading the book. For me this was at most a 3.5 star read. I understand why so many people love it and I am glad I read it as have passed it in the bookstore numerous times and kept thinking, I have to read that. Well I am glad I did as it is a great discussion book and a good book club choice.