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Olga's Story: Three Continents, Two World Wars and Revolution--One Woman's Epic Journey Through the Twentieth Century

Olga's Story: Three Continents, Two World Wars and Revolution--One Woman's Epic Journey Through the Twentieth Century - Stephanie Williams A remarkable account of Olga and her family's life from 1900 in a remote frontier post in Southern Siberia.

I love Russian history and love the " Good reads book recommendations" as I am always finding something new to read. I especially loved this book as there are so many historical facts dates and interesting places mentioned and yet the story flows like fiction and this kept me engrossed in the book.

This is a an excellent description of Russian life and the terror of revolution and excile. The horror and fear experienced by ordinary people is well documented in this book.
I learned so much from this book as I knew nothing about all the Russians that fled to china. This book gives an excellent account of one woman's life loss and heartbreak.
I felt a wonderful connection with Olga and this is down to the authors ability to write Olga's story with feeling and emotions and while this reads like fiction, you were very aware that this was a true account of the authors grandmother life and what a well written and researched account it is.

I would recommend this for lovers of Russian history who like a good story but also want an account of Russian history with historical facts and dates.

It took me quite a long time to read this book and that was because I kept stopping to Google places and people named in the book. However I came away from this story with a feeling that I leaned something new in history and that is the very reason I read books like this. I would advise getting your hands on a paperback copy of this book as opposed to kindle version as there are great maps and photos included which are important to the story but don't work great on kindle.

The soldier in a trench feels powerless, his spirit broken, seeing the number of his fellow soldiers falling continuously and no reinforcements.