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Silence in the Garden (King Penguin)

Silence in the Garden (King Penguin) - William Trevor
I have a passion for books and stories set in Irish Manor homes or as they are affectionly known in Ireland as The Big House. When I saw the cover of [b:The Silence in the Garden|1078837|The Silence in the Garden|William Trevor|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1328002380s/1078837.jpg|1065561]I was drawn by the image and the premise of the story.

Family secrets take their toll on the children of an old Irish family

In the summer of 1904 Sarah Pollenfax, the daughter of an impecunious clergyman, arrives at Carriglas, an island off the coast of Cork, to act as governess for her distant cousins. It's a magical time in a magical place. But when she comes back almost thirty years later, after the First World War and the Irish Civil War have taken their toll, she discovers that there were things going on during that apparently idyllic summer which now horrify her and which cast a long shadow over the remnants of the family.

William Trevor's prose and attention to detail are always evident in his novels and I do love his ability to develop characters and his wonderful sense of time and place. However while I enjoyed the writing and the beautiful descriptions I came away from the novel with a feeling that I didn't quite understand what exactly had happened in the story and this was a little disappointing as I had read a previous novel by Trevor and was aware that I needed to pay close attention but still this one had me puzzled. I did a little research and confirmed what I had assumed took place in the story but the confusion spoiled the experience a little for me.

However I did enjoy the book and was glad I had the opportunity to read it and will certainly add another of Trevor Novels' to my reading list for reading in 2017.