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The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair

The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair - Joël Dicker 3.5 Stars

I had great difficulty in rating and reviewing this book as I would hate to discourage anyone from reading it and yet some people just wont like it and therefore I think you really have to decide for yourself if you want to really find out The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair.

This was a book club read and I am not a great lover of thrillers and especially ones that are over 600 pages long.
I started this book and to be honest I was caught up immediately in the plot and found myself turning the pages long after I should have been asleep.

This book shines in two ways and firstly the author immediately gets the readers attention and this happens from the first couple of pages. He then introduces numerous characters that are complex and likeable and now he that has the reader sucked in he plays around with them and the book takes twists and turns that keeps the reader guessing. On the negative side I did find the story had flaws and some of the events were unbelievable and there is quite a bit of repetition as the story is told from different characters viewpoints. Having said that I found myself getting over the flaws as the tale was so compelling. The book is quite long but there is lots of drama and the story flows well.

I have heard that this book won a bunch of awards and I am not sure if I would go that far but its clever in the fact that it sucks the reader in. I really enjoyed it and while I know there are moments in the story where I was rolling my eyes I still managed to find it compelling. I gave this Novel an average rating and yet I have a feeling that this is going to be one of those books that in book discussions with friends I will go................. but did you read The Harry Quebert Affair?