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The Foundling: The True Story of a Kidnapping, a Family Secret, and My Search for the Real Me

The Foundling: The True Story of a Kidnapping, a Family Secret, and My Search for the Real Me - Paul Fronczak, Alex Tresniowski An engaging and touching true story about a man trying to find the answers to to questions about his identity and his struggle to understand the past and to accept the answers he was given.

This is the story of Paul Fronczak who after 50 years learns through a DNA test that he is not who he thought he was and the road to discovery is no longer available to him through regular means but through the amazing advances in DNA testing. In 1964 a woman pretending to be a nurse kidnapped and infant boy named Paul Fronczak from a Chicago hospital, two years later police found a boy abandoned outside a a New Jersey store, the kidnapped infant's mother identifies him as her missing son and so Paul rejoins his family and only years later does he begin to suspect that all is not what it seems and his long search for the truth begins.

This is a very interesting story about families and belonging and what it is like for someone living on the outside of a family and knowing they don't belong and the struggle to find their identity. I also have an interest in Genealogy as I have done quite a lot of research into my own family history as there was a mystery going way back that needed unravelling but this was just a hobby for me and noting on the scare of Paul's case but I was amazed at the twist and turns and drawbacks that he had to endure.

While the book is well written there were times I got a little bogged down in the names and research and some of the story became a little bit repetitive and yet I understand that Paul needed to document his journey and all the names of people and places that became part of the research.
Having said that I was rooting for Paul all the way and wanted to see where is journey took him and would the answers change his life.

An interesting story That kept me turning the pages.