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Beartown - Fredrik Backman BookClub Re-Read - Great Discussion Book.

BEAR WITH IT (pardon the pun) but this one does require a little patience at the beginning but BOY ! is it a book worth reading for it is as compelling as it is disturbing and certainly makes you think.

I came so close to putting this to one side after reading the first 50 pages as I wasn't keen on all the Ice Hockey details but I trusted my GoodRead friends reviews and knew this book had to have more to give and am so glad I stuck with it as Its the sort of book that when asked in 5 years time "Did you read BEARTOWN ? I will certainly remember I did.

So well written and the build up is necessary and vital to the story as it sets the scene and this could be any team sport in any country where it's played at a level that the Players, management and community get consumed by every game and the winning of every game becomes paramount. Team sports like football or soccer don't play a huge part in my life as its more solitary sports like golf and running where our family interests lie and yet I am fully aware of the pressure and competitiveness of football even on a small local level so was very easy even for me to identify with this book. However the sport element is only one part of the book, there is so much more to this book and without giving the story away I recommend reading this to find out for yourself.

Terrific characters, some I wanted to slap and others I wanted to cuddle. Great storyline with lots to discuss in this one and another book that would make a great book club discussion read regardless of whether you like or dislike the story.

So glad I struck with this one as its a book that took me by surprise and another one for my favorites list.

I listened to this one on audio and I have to admit I wasn't blown away by the narrator, it was adequate but wish I had a hard copy instead.