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I'll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman's Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer

I'll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman's Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer - Michelle McNamara The words of the Song by Irish Band Aslan ". How can I protect you in this Crazy World" kept coming into my mind when I was reading this book. How could could a husband, the police, neighbours friends, mothers or fathers protect their loved ones from a deranged screwed up monster like this who appeared to be one step ahead of authorities all the time.

A word of warning I wouldn't recommend this book for any woman who lives alone as while it might make a reader a little more security conscious at home I do think this is a book that might linger in the readers mind and perhaps cause more anxiety and worry in their lives. I also think its important to remember the victims in this book are real people and how their lives were turned upside down and even this book being published and all the in depth details must be very difficult for all the survivors their families and the families of those who were murdered by this monster.

I'll be gone in the dark was a book I came across on Goodreads and I have to ashamedly admit that until this book was trending on here I had never heard of the Golden State Killer.

I am not a reader of true crime and I very rarely read even crime novels but the horrendous crimes committed by this rapist turned murderer and the length of time he went undetected was mind boggling and I need to understand the how's and whys he evaded police for so long.

This isn't an easy read as it extremely detailed and at times repetitive and confusing, but as a woman it scared the living day lights out of me. I am someone who loves to run and walk and forest trails and country roads are my perfered choices in routes. I am always being warned by friends and family of the danger of my choices and I am well aware of that fact as a woman out alone. but your home and bedroom are your safe zones and I can only imagine how terrified the people of Sacramento must had felt going to bed at night and realising their safe zone may no longer be safe and so many years until this murderer and rapist was apprehended must have taken its toll on a community.

While I didn't love this book I did find it informative and having known nothing about the Golden State Killer I was certainly a lot wiser having finished this one and I did some extra research online on completing. Perhaps readers of true crime will find this book reviting as it is well written and meticulously researched and certainly goes through all the crime scenes and scenarios in a lot of detail.

I really do wish Michelle McNamara had lived to see this murderer arrested as she put so much time and work into trying to apprehend this monster.