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Rust & Stardust

Rust & Stardust - Kerry Greenwood This is heartbreaking and memorable Historical fiction novel where the facts are taken from the the real life story of Florence Sally Horner. No other book has been the reason for me utting the word "bastard" out loud and I did the unthinkable while listening to this on audible in the queue at the supermarket checkout much to the dismay of the other shoppers and my embarrassment.

Camden NJ 1948, 11 year oid Sally Horner steals a notebook from her local Woolworth's store for a dare by her school colleagues, 52 year old Frank LaSalle, just out of prison is watching her and a makes his move while she is exiting the store.

Firstly just to let readers know this is extremely well written and handled with sensitivity by author T. Greenwood and I for one had serious reservations about reading this book but I can say that while its a heartbreaking and gut wrenching read it is not graphic and the author does a fantastic job of telling a story without being explicit.

I listened to this one on audio and the narrator Therese Plummer was excellent and really brought this book to life. I enjoy audio but some books work better than others and this is one of the better ones.
I experienced so many emotions reading this book, anger, sadness and fear and there were several moments where my heart was actually beating faster.
The author had included a note at the end of the novel and this clarifies what is fiction and what is fact. I resisted the urge to google Florence Sally Horner until I had completed the book and was glad I did so.

A terrific read and a book that will stay with me for a long time. My only regret with this one is I don't own a hardcopy for my bookshelf.